Author Visit and Tropical Rainforests

92872On Friday, we will have a visit from author, Melissa Stewart. She has written a number of awesome science books for young children and teens. Today we will be listening to one of her stories, No Monkeys, No Chocolate and taking notes on what we hear.  Before we do this, we need to get a little background on rainforests.

As you explore these sites and listen to the story and view the pictures, think about what we have been learning in relation to biodiversity, ecosystem health, invasive species, and the importance of both abiotic and biotic interactions.

Where are the Rainforests?

The Tropical Rainforest-This is a great site that talks about many aspects including location, climate, animals, plants and threats.

Rainforest Information for Kids- Check out the links on WHY ARE RAINFORESTS IMPORTANT? and WHY ARE RAINFORESTS DISAPPEARING?

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