Friday, March 3rd: States/Phases of Matter




  1. States of Matter–
  2. Changing States of Matter–
  3. Heat Makes the Difference–
  4. States of Matter with Molecules–
  5. Matter Sorter from BrainPop–
  6. Drag to the Correct State–



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Thursday, March 2nd: What is Matter?

Today we are focusing on the basics of matter!  We will be doing an activity and using the links below to help us to understand more about matter.








Wind can be felt on your skin and you can see the wind move branches of trees. But wind itself it not matter. It is the movement of air, which itself is matter.

Electricity is similar. You can see the result of electricity at work – a light bulb lighting up for example and you can feel electricity as an electric shock. But electricity is just the the movement/flow of an electric charge – it is not matter itself. It is the movement of matter (electrons).

Sound is the result of air movement against your eardrum and not matter itself.

A flame or fire can also pose difficulties. The smoke that rises up from the fire or flame contains vaporized gases and small particles and therefore contains matter. But the fire and flame themselves, the light and heat emitted, are energy, not matter.

Energy is the ability or capacity to do work or supply heat and is NOT matter.

Notice that a lot of items that are matter cannot be seen – at least with the naked eye (atoms, DNA, bacteria, dissolved sugar) and that some items that are non-matter can be felt (heat, wind, electricity).

Some common textbook definitions of matter are: Matter is anything that takes up space and has mass. Matter has mass and volume.

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Friday, Feb. 10th- Oranges and Measuring

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Wed., Feb. 8th: Using a Triple Beam Balance and Oranges


  1. WATCH: How to use a triple beam balance–
  2. DO:
    1. Find the mass of four small objects such as a glue stick, pair of scissors, pencil, marker.
    2. Fill out your data sheet as you measure these objects.
  3. Glue your data sheet into your science journal on PAGE 2 from the back in the WARM UP SECTION.


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Tues., Feb. 7th: The Scientific Process, Measurement, and Oranges

The REAL Process of Science–

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Feb. 6th: Welcome to Science

Today we begin our mid-year switch where my science classes go to social studies and social studies switches to science.


  • Science Website– explore and bookmark it.
  • Google Classroom– sign up
  • Science Journals– our tool for learning and recording what we do.
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Thursday, February 2nd: WED Test

Go to this link and wait for the password:

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