Thursday, May 11th: Quia Quiz Login and Practice


  • Don’t forget to be working on your physical model and summary.
  • I will extend the due date until the end of next week because of conflicts with band and chorus times.
  • Remember: YOU ARE BEING ASSESSED ACCORDING TO THE CRITERIA that has been handed out to you and is also posted in Google Classroom!


  • You will have two quizzes coming up next week. The practice quizzes are below.


  • To the Site: Click on one of the links below for the assigned practice quizzes. You will see the picture below:
  • To Login:
    1. Write as ONE WORD, ALL LOWER CASE, NO SPACES your first and last name with the number 353 at the end.
    2. For example: kevinarsenault353
    3. For most people it will be your full, formal name. There are a couple exceptions and I will let you know what they are.
  • Password: Your POWERSCHOOL ID number.

These are assigned quizzes. That means you must do them. You should take them over and over until you know the answers and information. The actual quizzes are almost exactly like the practice quizzes. 

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