Tuesday, May 2nd: How Landforms/Disasters Were Created!


  1. Know how plates moved to create your disasters or landforms
  2. Have that information in your notes.
  3. Create your rough draft so we can build tomorrow.
  4. If 1-3 is completed, write summaries that answer the question for your research IN YOUR OWN WORDS!
    1. GEOGRAPHY– Where is your landform or event located? What is that region like? Include landform, climate, plants, animals, interesting facts about the location.
    2. GEOLOGY– How was your region formed or your event caused? How has it changed through time? Explain and understand the science behind the formation or cause.
    3. PEOPLE– How does your region or event connect to people and their culture?
    4. MYTH– How does your region or event connect to greek myths and mythology? Was your event explained through myths? Was your location important to the Greek culture? Explain the hows, whys and connections.


Presentation- Plate Tectonics and the Mediterranean: This presentation summarizes the minor plates in the Mediterranean and how they move. There are also resources on Mount Olympus, Island and volcanic arcs and more. Click HERE to download.

LANDFORMS CREATED BY PLATE MOVEMENT- these links provide information on how movement at different types of boundaries create certain landforms.

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