What Happened??

What happened in your experiment?


What you are changing:

What are you measuring:



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4 Responses to What Happened??

  1. Mia says:


    What you are changing:The amount of vinegar to 1cup.

    What are you measuring:How much quicker the bag exploded, with more vinegar.

    Hypothesis:Based on the Question, we hypothesized that if we add more vinegar it will speed up the process and foam more.

    Results:The bag exploded a lot quicker and there was a lot more foam.

  2. Tristan says:


    What you are changing: The baking soda amount to 3 table spoons.

    What are you measuring: How much gas was released.

    Hypothesis: we thought that adding more baking soda would release more gas.

    Results: it exploded faster and it released less gas then the control.

  3. kaiden says:

    Names: Kaiden, Carolyn, Mason, Dakotta

    What you are changing: We are changing the steps. Instead of dropping the paper towel in the water and vinegar, we are mixing the water and the baking soda together then adding the vinegar to the mixture.

    What are you measuring: We are measuring the reaction time.

    Hypothesis: We think the reaction will happen faster because we are not using the paper towel to slow it down, and also how much the bag expands.

    Results:1st time: 0.33 sec
    2nd time: 0.48sec

  4. alexus,andrew,jack ,oliver says:

    Names: alexus,jack,andrew, oliver

    What you are changing:plastic bag

    What are you measuring: width of the balloon.

    Hypothesis:we think the balloon will expand to 6 inches

    Results:the balloon expanded up to 9 inchis


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