Thurs., Jan. 19th: Weathering and Erosion Organization

Weathering, Erosion, and Deposition Organization


Today we will be organizing our information on weathering, erosion, and deposition. All of this information is also found in your Google Classroom account.

  1. BILL NYE EROSION SHEET– Correct the Bill Nye movie sheet from a while ago and put it in your information section.
  2. WEATHERING TRIFOLD– Use your handouts and information to complete the weathering trifold for your page 33 journal input.  The information you need can be found on the January 12th post.
  3. JOURNAL PAGE 33: Write this chart on page 33, also, to show how biological weathering can be sometimes defined as mechanical/physical weathering and chemical.
  4. img_0165
  5. We will then look at how pages 32 and 33 should be set up and format the pages together.
  6. img_0157
    1. Write the definition of erosion at the top of page 32. Erosion- the movement of sediment from one location to another.
    2. Students will then collect information on erosion as directed by Ms. Fitz.
  8. ONLINE JOURNAL CHECK– Finally, we will use the linked document to check all Earth’s Connecting Spheres journal entries to make sure everything is complete to this point.
  9. EXPERIMENT– When all of this is done we can work on our experiment.
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