Tuesday, January 3rd: Most Important Sphere

Which sphere do you think is most important and why? Give examples to support your answer!

Period 3 will comment here: http://linoit.com/users/fitzk/canvases/P3-%20Sphere%20Importance

Period 4 will comment here: http://linoit.com/users/fitzk/canvases/P4-Sphere%20Importance

JOURNAL POST, PAGE 24 AND 25Use the ideas and thinking of your classmates from the post-it site (see below), as well as your notes and vocabulary papers to explain which sphere is most important (or how all of the spheres are equally important). Use examples to support your thinking.

Type this up in a Google Document.

Period 3 Brainstormingsphere-connection-period-3

Period 4 Brainstormingsphere-connection-p4

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