Tuesday, December 6th: Researching Your EVENT’S Impact

VOCAB QUIZ– You will have a quiz on Friday. Here is the practice Quia Quiz: http://www.quia.com/quiz/5569810.html

interactionsRESEARCHING THE IMPACT OF YOUR EVENT ON THE SPHERES: When researching the impact of your event you aren’t going to be able to just type in your EVENT and the name of a sphere and expect a clear connection. For example, “What is the impact of Maine’s 1998 ice storm on the lithosphere?”  It just doesn’t work like that. You have to think about the characteristics of each of the four main spheres research those. (See your handout in your info section and your vocabulary list for help.)

What might be the impact of your EVENT on the lithosphere? Well, what is the lithosphere composed of? Dirt, soil, and the ground. So, instead of researching the impact on the lithosphere, search instead for how your EVENT may have impacted the ground, the health of the soil, erosion, and other things such as this.  Here are some descriptions that may help you:

HYDROSPHERE: Was the groundwater/drinking water impacted? Lakes, ponds, rivers, streams? Ocean water or atmospheric water?

LITHOSPHERE: Were rocks, sediments, or soil impacted? Did erosion occur or was it helped? Did land shift or were landforms created?

BIOSPHERE: Was anything living impacted? Plants, people, animals, insects, fish, birds, etc.

ATMOSPHERE: Was the air impacted? Polluted? Weather or climate changed or shifted? How might the atmosphere interacted with other spheres?

These are some of the topic about the spheres that will help you to find information and impacts. Researching your EVENT and the name of the sphere won’t be as helpful. Look for the characteristics, the things that make up the spheres and how they were impacted and how they impacted each other. I’ll be online on and off to help you if you need. Just email me.

Ms. Fitz

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