Friday, November 20th, 2015: Yellowstone Park and ESS


permafrost_cross_sectionPart 1: Information Check In

When we talk about the cryosphere, we hear the word permafrost. What is permafrost?

Part 2: Earth’s Systems- How They ALL Connect


Earth System Science and Yellowstone National Park

LOOK: Google images of Yellowstone National Park.

READ and ANSWER: We will start with reading pages 1-2 from the weblink and/or document below and answering the questions on this worksheet: ESS Worksheet (Given as a handout in class.) Practicing reading for information!

  1. Weblink (You can listen to this.)
  2. Document downloadEarth System Science

WATCH: Yellowstone’s Fires, 1988, Looking at some videos

  1. Old News Report- (hard to hear)
  2. Yellowstone A Flame-advertisment but good overview
  3. NASA- Yellowstone Burn Recovery–

interactionsANALYZE: Return to the document and look at the sphere interactions in relation to Yellowstone’s fire.

ENGAGE: Coming next time…..

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