Wednesday, April 6th: Collecting, Organizing, and Comparing Data

CURRENT FOCUS: Due to MEA’s we are keeping the content focus low and working on science skills: measuring and organizing our data. (NGSS: Science and Engineering Practice 3- Planning and Carrying Out Investigations)


  • Today we are continuing to collect and organize data according to our journal descriptor.
  • The challenge is to come up with a way to organize your information WITHOUT MY INPUT.
  • We will compare and discuss charts as different groups reach certain points in their organization.

DUE: Charts need to be completed by the beginning of our next science class.

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 9.03.17 AM

TEACHER NOTE: Students at this level tend to be fairly successful at collecting data. However, the task of organizing their information AND comparing it to other students in a way that is easily understood by others can be difficult.  Figuring out how to do this on their own proves even more challenging. This journal activity, which was thought to take only 1.5 classes is now stretching into three.

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