Thursday, March 17th: Yellowstone National Park and Earth’s Spheres

Part 3: Earth’s Systems- How They ALL Connect


Earth System Science and Yellowstone National Park

LOOK: Google images of Yellowstone National Park.

WATCH: Yellowstone’s Fires, 1988, Looking at some videos

  1. Old News Report– (hard to hear)
  2. Yellowstone A Flame-advertisment but good overview
  3. NASA- Yellowstone Burn Recovery–

interactionsANALYZE: Return to the document and look at the sphere interactions in relation to Yellowstone’s fire.

ENGAGE: Download the INSPIRATIONS template emailed by Ms. Fitz. Open it in INSPIRATIONS and type in OR go to the website and copy and paste at least 1 connection between the EVENT and each of the spheres and how each of the spheres connect to each other.

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