Monday, March 14th: Identifying the Spheres

PART 1-Warm Up: Correcting Our Homework

PART 2-Setting Up Our Journal:

  • TITLE PAGE, page 8.
    • Write the title in large letters on page 8: Earth’s Connecting Spheres.
    • Google “Earth’s spheres” and go to images to get some ideas on what you can draw and color for your TITLE PAGE.
    • IMG_0920Be sure to include a drawing and label of at least the four main spheres: biosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere, and
  • The BIG IDEA, pp 9 and 10: The three questions to our right will be answered in many ways throughout our work this spring. You’ll be making notes on these pages that will help you to answer these questions.


Below is the CRITERIA SHEET that shows how the journal entry should be set-up.

Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 9.49.00 PM

  1. FullSizeRenderINPUT PAGE Set-up page 12 with INPUT at the top, the title, two focus questions and the date as shown at the right.
  2. Label Your Observations
    • Look at the observations you made outside on your green observation sheet.
    • In the left side column, label what sphere or spheres your observation takes place in. For example, “There is a smell of spring in the air,” would be the atmosphere. “The grass is wet from melting snow,” could be both the biosphere and the hydrosphere.



Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 9.41.45 AM3. Putting Together Your Sphere Facts

  • Trace each sphere box with a different color.
  • Cut out and put together your facts from Thursday so they look like the ones on the left and TAPE. (Yes, you only needed to find three facts. (I lined them up and put a piece of clear tape on the left and right sides.)
  • Then you’ll glue them into your journal like you see above. (Glue just the back of the last square on the bottom of page 12.)




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