Monday, March 7th: Pulling Things Together

  • Warm Up– Getting your brain working: What do we know about fossil fuels and carbon?
  • Three Ring Binder Check :
    1. Do you have the following sections: 
      • Vocabulary (VOCAB)
      • Information (INFO)
      • Criteria (CRITERIA)
      • Being a Scientist (SCIENTIST)
    2. Are your existing papers ordered?
      • VOCAB– green Cold War Vocabulary sheet
      • INFO-
        • gold Coal and Oil Formation sheet
        • lined notes on the Carboniferous Era
      • CRITERIA
        • Sustainability Journal Entry sheet
  • Compass Partners– choose working partners using the compass handout
  • Journal Reviews– look at journals from past years. What do you notice?
  • Journal Checks– What is in your journal at this time? Let’s get it organized.


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