We have been working and research different sources of energy for weeks. It is time to finish up products to put on your display boards. 

RESEARCH– It SHOULD BE DONE but if you still need more information, use the links from this page:

DUE NO LATER THAN THURSDAY are the following:

  1. Environmental Impact of Energy Source Inspiration
  2. Diagram of Energy Source


  • Monday, 2/22 to Friday, 2/26: Finishing products and display boards in science and social studies.
  • Monday, 2/29: Meet with other experts in your energy field to create a presentation on your source of energy. This will be a FULL work day. (Criteria to come.)
  • Tuesday, 3/1 and Wednesday, 3/2: Practice presentations with group members.
  • Thursday, March 4th: Culminating Activity
    • You will be presenting to classmates, school and district staff, presenters from our energy summit, and parents. (Criteria to be outlined on Friday, 2/26.)
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