Wednesday, December 9th: WED Stations


Simple Definitions for Many Landforms–



STATION 2: Types of Weathering Match-Up

  • Definition help:
    • Abrasion– rocks and sediment grinding against each other wear away surfaces. It happens as wind and water rush over rocks. The rocks become smoother as rough and jagged edges break off.
    • Carbonation– the mixing of water with carbon dioxide to make carbonic acid. This type of weathering is important in the formation of caves. Dissolved carbon dioxide in rainwater or in moist air forms carbonic acid, and this acid reacts with minerals in rocks.
    • Exfoliation– occurs in hot, dry climates. The outer layer of the rock is heated by the sun during the day, causing it to expand, during the night, as the temperature drops, the rock contracts. This constant expanding and contracting eventually leads to the outer layers of the rock pealing away, leaving behind them rounded rocks and dome shaped outcrops.
    • Oxidation– the reaction of rock minerals with oxygen, thus changing the mineral composition of the rock. When minerals in rock oxidize, they become less resistant to weathering. Iron, a commonly known mineral, becomes red or rust colored when oxidized.
    • Hydration or Hydrolysis– a chemical reaction caused by water. Water changes the chemical composition and size of minerals in rock, making them less resistant to weathering.

STATION 3: Glacial Erosion

  1. All About Glaciers-
  2. Glaciers and Glacial Deposition-
  3. Glaciers-
  4. Landforms created by glacial erosion and deposition-

STATION 4: Preventing Erosion

  1. Why should you grow more plants to reduce erosion?
  2. Importance of Plants in Preventing Soil Erosion-

STATION 5: Glacial Meltwater/Erosion

  1. Definition: glacial meltwater is water that runs off from a glacier as the glacier melts.
  2. INSTRUCTIONS: Instead of answering the last question, What is the relationship between glacial meltwater and rivers? Use the sites below to tell me about one type of landform that glacial meltwater creates and is it done through weathering? erosion? and/or deposition?

STATION 6: Wave Action

  1. What is coastal erosion?
  2. What are issues relating to coastal erosion?

STATION 8: Delta Formation


STATION 9: You’re Such a Nerd

  1. Chemical Weathering
  2. Mechanical Weathering

STATION 10: Gravity Simulation

  1. Mass Wasting
  2. Mass Wasting Simulation and Types-
    1. What type of mass wasting did you simulate? Your Answer is Here–
    2. Other information on mass wasting:

STATION 11: Chemical Weathering

  1. Vinegar definition- a sour-tasting liquid containing acetic acid. (Yes! Vinegar is an acid!)
  2. Acid Rain definition–  rain that contains dangerous chemicals because of smoke from cars and factories. It is more acidic than regular rain.
  3. What is acid rain?
  4. What does acid rain do?

Extra Websites

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