Thursday, December 3rd: Quiz, Bill Nye, and Other Things

I am out today doing teacher stuff. The following are the expectations for the day:

PART 1- Weathering and Erosion Vocabulary Sheet

  • If you don’t already have one, make sure you get a copy of the Weathering and Erosion vocabulary definitions for the substitute.
  • Put this paper in your VOCAB section.
  • Here is a digital copy- vocab_weathering


    • QUIZ PRACTICE: NO iPad with this: Take about 5 minutes or so at the beginning of class to review for your quiz using your sphere vocabulary sheets by quizzing each other.
    • QUIZ
      • It is a paper copy and there are questions on both sides of the sheet. 
      • Remember you ARE NOT TO TALK at anytime during the quiz.
      • Pass the quiz into the substitute when you are done.



PART 3- Bill Nye: Erosion

  • When you hand in your quiz get a Bill Nye-Erosion worksheet.
  • Watch Bill Nye-Erosion and work on answering the questions on the sheet.
  • Once EVERYONE  is done with the quiz, you can work together on this assignment and listen to the movie together. However, you must work ALONE until EVERYONE is done with the quiz.
  • MOVIE LINK:  Erosion- Full (tiny) episode-

PART 5- DOWNLOAD and put into Notability

PART 6- Finish Up Stuff

  • BIG IDEA/RACE Question- finish the RACE answer we started yesterday.
  • Finish the INSPIRATION MAP on the Wolf Reintroduction to Yellowstone National Park.
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