Wednesday, November 18th: Making Connections

PART 1: WARM UP 1WarmUp-Earth’s Spheres


  1. IMG_0920Page 28– Glue in unit standards.

  2. Page 29
    – Title page: Write the title, Connecting Earth’s Spheres and Systems. Design a colorful and detailed page that relates to the topic and title. Use information in your Notability Notebook or Google images for Earth’s Spheres for ideas.
  3. Pages 30 and 31: Cut out the BIG IDEA questions and glue them in the middle of pages 30 and 31. Color or highlight each question with a different color so they stand out.


  1. The class chooses one observation from page 33 of our journal.
  2. Class is split into groups and each group creates a model of Earth’s interacting spheres on a whiteboard based on that observation. (Use hydrosphere, lithosphere, atmosphere, and biosphere, only.)
  3. Model includes drawing, labeled spheres, and a little “blip” on how the spheres connect.
  4. Students will view other models and then return to theirs for final editing.
  5. Each student will take a picture of their model, erase the boards, and groups will then take turns sharing their models and connections.


sphere connection journal

Part 4: Earth’s Sphere/System Connections OUTPUT

  1. The rubric for INPUT and OUTPUT can be downloaded HERE- Journal-Earth’s Connecting Spheres
  2. Focus will be on completing #1 using iPads, hand drawings, or a combination of both. Student choice.

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 7.43.53 PM

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