Thursday, November 12th: Finishing the Old and Starting the New


FINISH YOUR JOURNALS from the ALIVE OR NOT unit. They are DUE on FRIDAY. I will start collecting and correcting them this weekend. Here is a link to your checklist: AliveorNotJournalChecklist

Remember to use RACE to answer the required questions.

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 8.35.40 PM


  1. Pretest at This quiz DOES NOT COUNT. It is only to see what you know and what we need to learn in regards to our new topic, Earth’s Interacting Systems. There is a password that you need to use in order to take this quiz.
    1. We will be going outside to make some “system” observations.
    2. Download.
      1. Go to Notability.
      2. Create a new SUBJECT called: EARTH’S SPHERES
      3. Open this download in Notability and put it in EARTH’S SPHERES: Connect the Spheres Student Observation
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