Monday, November 9th: Finishing “Worming Your Way”

When DID we start that investigation????  Before we went to Camp Kieve! Time to remember what we did and wrap it all up in our journals.

PART 1: Before doing that we are going to review one of your journal answers using our new question answering tool: RACE! On pages 14 and 15 you answered the BIG IDEA question. We are now going to see if you applied RACE when answering.

  • Restate the question as part of your answer.
  • Answer the question.
  • Cite evidence and/or give examples.
  • Explain how it all fits together.

PART 2: We will be putting our pages in our journal together and then doing some thinking about our activity. Instructions for your journal entry are found here: Journal Entry_Worming Your Way.

How it will look in your journal can be seen below. Note how your STIMULUS-RESPONSE observations on the yellow sheet will be going behind the original observations papers.

Remember: You are being assessed on making observations in your INPUT and explaining those observations in your OUTPUT.  Don’t forget about RACE when answering question #3 on your output!!!



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