Tuesday, October 27th: Is a Seed Alive? Stimulus and Response


PART 2: Characteristics of Living Things Review


  • DEFINE: Students define both words on the top of a notebook page.
    • Stimulus– A change in an organism’s environment that causes it to respond in some way.
    • Response– A reaction or reflex caused by a change in an organism’s environment. (Another way to think about it: A reaction or reflex caused by a stimulus.)
  • WATCH: Movie: Stimulus and Responsehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h6-evXswaQs&index=9&list=PLRg-eXrZuuUf90j4EZ_YlIWlkHz30jvmc
  • APPLY: Below the definitions students will write down 4 examples of a stimuli and a response. They will compare their answers, trying to get other examples from peers.
  • APPLY: Students will do vocabulary boxes for both STIMULUS and RESPONSE.
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