Monday, October 26th: Atoms vs Cells, Notability, and Characteristics Overview

Assessments and Work Notices

  • CHECKLIST– Be sure you have the following things done on this list that was handed out last THURSDAY: homework 10:22
  • MEASUREMENT RETAKES- Tuesday is the last day to make a plan to retake your measurement assessment. Friday is the last day to actually take the reassessment. I am after school on Monday and Tuesday for anyone that would like to meet with me.
  • Journals– ALL journals should have been passed in to me by now to be graded. If you haven’t passed yours in, I need it ASAP!
  • Upcoming– There will be a quiz over the Characteristics of Living Things this coming Friday. A review quiz and outline will be available on Tuesday.


PART 1: What is the Difference Between Atoms and Cells?

We are using a formative assessment over Atoms and Cells to see if we understand the difference and are putting our thoughts in our science journal on pages 24 and 25.

  • Students will discuss their thinking with their group and answer 1st Thinking.
  • They will compare what they think with others, participate in a class discussion and then respond to the 2nd Thinking.

2015-10-26 08.21.18

PART 2: Notability Introduction

  • Open the Notability app and follow the instructions from the WELCOME page.
  • Create a DIVIDER for SCIENCE (and any of your other subjects if you want).
  • Create a SUBJECT called ALIVE OR NOT for your science divider.
  • We will then download the review below and put it into the ALIVE OR NOT subject.

PART 3: Characteristics of Living Things Review


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