Thursday, Oct. 22: Work Day

Today is a work day for students to get things done and get caught up. This is what we are doing today in this order:

  1. Complete Cell Study using viewers and cell strips.
  2. Cell Study Journal Entry
    1. Input: Use journal rubric and handouts in classroom to complete.
    2. Output: See instructions and use these website to complete the CELLS AND SIZE portion of the output.
      1. How big are cells and how can they be seen? Look here for facts:
        1. Cell Size and Scale–
        2. How Can Cells be Seen?
        3. Cells and Microscopes for Schools–
    1. Be sure you complete your answer to the big idea question: How do we know if something is ALIVE or NOT?
    2. Glue your answer anywhere on pages 14 or 15.
    3. Date your answer (10/22/15).
    1. Complete vocabulary boxes for organism, atom, dead, nonliving, AND CELL (new).
    2. Be sure to be neat, use correct spelling, and detailed examples.
    3. Do a NEW vocab. box for CELL.
  5. If time, we will start exploring the app NOTABILITY.
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