Tuesday, October 20th: Cells Continue

  • REMINDER: Vocabulary boxes for organism, atom, nonliving, and dead should be done. If you haven’t finished them, get them done!
  • REVIEW: We corrected the worksheet from Bill Nye: Cells.
  • EXPLORE: We used Google Images to explore different types of cells.
    1. Cells of multicellular organisms:
      1. Blood cells.
      2. Nerve cells.
      3. Human skin cells.
      4. Onion skin cells.
    2. One celled organisms:
      1. Diatoms
      2. Euglenas
      3. Parameciums
      4. Amoebas- video of amoeba eating two parameciums: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pvOz4V699gk&list=PLRg-eXrZuuUf90j4EZ_YlIWlkHz30jvmc&index=8
    3. Cell Study Beginning
      1. Using view finders, each student (or pair of students) choose a cell from the classroom “cards” to study.
      2. Fill out the requirements on the sheet.
      3. All will eventually become a journal entry.
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