Tuesday, May 12th: Ring of Fire Movie

Click on image above to go to a larger copy.

Ring of Fire– (44:08) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wJS7hGMr0Ws&list=PLRg-eXrZuuUdUaIj1h7cvOeX6SJv8lg0N&index=3

We started watching this movie last week but will start it again from the beginning. As you watch think about your region:

  • Is it in the Ring of Fire?
  • What is happening in the RING OF FIRE that impacts your region?
  • What is happening there that is similar to what happens in your region?
  • What type of plate boundaries make up the ring of fire?
  • What happens at those boundaries?
  • What type of landforms are created at these boundaries?

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