Wednesday, April 29th: Tectonic Plate Boundaries

CLASS SUMMARY for Wednesday, April 29th

  1. Watched a couple movies from yesterday.
  2. Dowloaded presentation- Plate Boundaries Presentation
  3. Using the resources below AND the plate boundary presentation, we did vocabulary box pages on divergent boundary, mid-ocean ridge, rift valley, convergent boundary, transform boundary.
  4. Assignments
    1. Watch the movies below labeled: HOMEWORK
    2. Do your Practice Quiz-

QUESTION:   Why are major tectonic events happening????     How are they caused?

Read This:

PAPER RESOURCES– You received paper copies of these but here are some downloads in case you lost them. (click on title to download).


 Plate BoundariesThe Three Types of Plate Boundaries

Divergent Boundaries

Convergent Boundaries (Subduction)

Transform Boundaries

Watch This:

Do This:

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