Monday, April 27th- Brain Wake Up Day

Today in class we tied up some loose ends and refreshed our brains on the topic studied before vacation, HEAT TRANSFER and MANTLE CONVECTION.

This is what we did today…and what needs to be done if you were absent:

INFORMATION REVIEW– in your Notability Notebook, review the following:

  1. Heat Transfer Review  Information for CHECK-IN#3 is in this download.
  2. Reading_Earth Layers– A review of the layers of the earth with good information about the mantle.
  3. Reading_Convection Currents– A quick overview of convection currents in the mantle.

Videos we watched before vacation:

  1. The Earth 3D- Convection Currents– (Just need to see the beginning up to convection currents explained.)
  2. Convection in the Mantle–

CHECK-IN #3- Read the information  in the HEAT TRANSFER REVIEW and use it to answer the questions in CHECK-IN #3 at DUE APRIL 28TH


  1. Complete MANTLE CONVECTION MAP if not done.
  2. Download the PDF to the right: 5journal_mantle_convection
  3. Put it in NOTABILITY and do as directed.
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