Convection in the Mantle- Thursday, April 16th


  • What causes convection currents in the Earth’s mantle?
  • What causes tectonic plates to be constantly shifting and moving?

Read This: (all readings should be put into NOTABILITY under LANDFORMS)

  1. Heat Transfer Review  Information for CHECK-IN#3 is in this download.
  2. Earth Layers– A review of the layers of the earth with good information about the mantle.
  3. Convection Currents– A quick overview of convection currents in the mantle.

Watch This:

  1. The Earth 3D- Convection Currents– (Just need to see the beginning up to convection currents explained.)
  2. Convection in the Mantle–

Do This:

  1. Read the information and use it to answer the questions in CHECK-IN #3 at
  2. Convection Current Diagram/Map– done in science class.
    1. Convection diagram
    2. Convection labels
  3. Mantle Convection Journal Entry
    1. Download the PDF to the right: 5journal_mantle_convection
    2. Put it in NOTABILITY  in LANDFORMS
    3. Do as described.
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