Earthquake Review


EARTHQUAKE REVIEW- Due Tuesday, April 7th

Watch This:

Read This:

  1.  Earthquake Basics is a review of the basic information about earthquakes and seismic waves. CLICK ON THE LINK  and download this document and put it into NOTABILITY
    1. Also in eBackPack– A PAGES and a PDF version are both available in eBackPack.
    2. TEXT TO SPEECH– The PAGES version can use TEXT to SPEECH for those that would like the information read to them but you must use it in PAGES.
    3. Read it, highlight important information.
    4. See Ms. Fitz if you would like a paper copy.

Do This:

CHECK-IN#2– Do this Quia Check-in for understanding. It is graded and counts. You may use your information to do the CHECK-IN at

Directions for signing in are on the QUIA PAGE link at the top of this webpage, under the picture.


  1. Work on your research for your model.
    1. Look for evidence of landforms so you can build on Tuesday!
    2. Answer the main questions on the posters on the board.
    3. REMEMBER– There are three main types of earthquake faults and three main types of volcanoes. What is in your region?
  2. Start learning about Earthquake Faults at


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