Earthquake Faults


Focus Questions- Be able to answer all of these questions below:

  1. What are the types of stress that occur in the crust and how does this stress change the Earth’s surface?
  2. Where are faults usually found and why do they form?
  3. What land features result from the forces of plate movement?

Vocabulary: stress, compression, tension, shearing, normal fault, strike-slip fault, hanging wall, reverse fault, strike-slip fault, anticline, syncline, plateau



  1. Inside Earth-Forces in Earth’s CrustSection 1– This section describes the forces found in Earth’s crust and the types of faults. OR Download and put into Notability.


  1. Where do Earthquakes Happen and Types of Faults–
  2. Plate Tectonics and Faults– excellent site!
  3. Fault Motion Animations– Iris Education-
    1. Normal Fault–
    2. Reverse Fault–
    3. Strike Slip Fault–
  4. NOAA Slide Show and Images of Actual REAL Faults–
  5. Types of Earthquake Faults–
  6. Fault Models Lecture–
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