Getting to Know Your Region

The following is what we have done in the past couple of days in relation to learning about the landforms and other information in our regions.

Monday, March 16th

  • Regions were assigned.
  • Students added a world map to Notability and mapped out regions on this map using the given coordinates of longitude and latitude.

Tuesday and Wednesday, March 16th and 17th

    1. Answer the question: Why is it important to be able to use longitude and latitude coordinates?
    2. Brainstorm with group and discuss in class. Write bulleted list in journal.
  • Region Exploration Reading
    1. All groups download their REGION INFORMATION from eBackPack and put in Notability. They also received a paper copy.
    2. TWO COLORS NEEDED. As groups read they will highlight or underline landform evidence in ORANGE and other interesting evidence in BLUE. (Note- we found this easier to do on the paper copy than in Notability.)
    3. This information is then transferred to their Region Evidence Separation Chart (Dowloaded by one member of the group and shared with other members. Can be found in Google Docs in “Shared with Me”. )
    4. Information on chart is also organized under headings.
    1. Using a lined piece of paper, groups went through their reading and wrote down terms and landforms they needed to understand better.
    2. Some student wrote down questions as they reviewed information.
  • MAPS
    1. After reading and sorting evidence, groups need to find a PHYSICAL MAP and a POLITICAL MAP  of their region and put it in Notability.
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