Science, Wednesday, January 8th



  1. Finish up watching movies from yesterday.
  2. Write down as much information on the KL Chart as you can from the movies.
  3. Compare your information with classmates.
  4. Finally, share what you have learned in a class discussion.

Download new iBook.

  1. Go to your email or eBackPack to download the new.
  2. Help each other get it, please by Airdropping or whatever. It is a big file so it might take a little time to download.
  3. Remember- open it in iBook.
    1. More complete information.
    2. A glossary with definitions.
    3. An interactive quiz at the end.
  4. Remember, you can also use the vocabulary functions of the iBook to make digital flashcards to practice included vocabulary.
  5. Review the information on in the iBook, individually, and go through the quiz at the end.

Homework– Make sure you have finished, by Thursday, the worksheet with the diagram of the earth on the front. This will be corrected on Thursday.

Shadow Zone Reading and Worksheet

  1. Read the information on the worksheet. (This may be done as a class.)
  2. Answer the questions at the end of this worksheet by typing your answers on a document. BE DETAILED AND COMPLETE.
  3. You can work with a friend to get the answers, but everyone has to have their own document.
  4. Use the information on this worksheet AND your iBook to help you to get answers. 

KIDS THAT FINISH OR HAVE EXTRA TIME: may go to the QUIZLET SITE to practice vocabulary for an upcoming quiz.


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