Science for Monday, January 5th

Seismic Wave Inspiration Project- Due date- BEFORE VACATION!IMG_0475

This assignment was due before vacation. If you haven’t turned it in, you need to do so in the next couple of days. What did you have to do?

  1. Go to eBackPack or your email to get the Seismic Wave Diagram template to be opened in Inspiration.
  2. Using the Seismic Wave Background document that was emailed to you and put in Notability, fill out the Seismic Wave Diagram template with information from the related headings.
  3. Find a picture for each section of bubbles on the Internet that helps to explain the information.  See the Seismic Wave Background document for more information.
  4. Pass the finished product into eBackpack as a PDF document NOT an Inspiration.


  1. Using your iBook called DISCOVERING EARTH’S INTERIOR, answer the questions to the worksheet handed out to you by the substitute.
  2. The iBook should be on your iBook shelf on your iPad. You can also download it from eBackPack.


  1. Here is a new quizlet to practice the words in the iBook above: Discovering Earth’s Interior.
  2. Also practice Longitudinal and Transverse Waves
  3. AND Waves Within Our Earth Quizlets.


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