Earth’s Systems- Engage Activity

Screenshot 2014-10-10 10.15.29STANDARD: Develop a model to describe the cycling of Earth’s materials and the flow of energy that drives this process. (MS-ESS2-1)


  • What “systems” are found on Earth?
  • How do Earth’s systems interact?

Today we spent some time making at least 5 observations of nature. Students did a short “Nature walk”  where they thought about…

  • What do you see?
  • What’s happening in nature?
  • Have you noticed any changes?
  • Even something simple is important!

They then categorized each observation as WATER, AIR, LIVING, or EARTH. After looking at their observations, they made a prediction as to what “Earth’s Systems” actually are.

Some classes had a chance to open up and create subject dividers in NOTABILITY. We’ll be importing information into this digital notebook next week.

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