Busy Day

Today we worked on several tasks:

  1. States of Matter– Using a KEY, students self corrected a worksheet over STATES OF MATTER.
  2. iPad UPDATES– We downloaded and updated our iPads to OS 8.02. Once that was completed, we then used a check list to make sure that everyone has downloaded all required appplications. Students that needed to complete this task took the list with them and need to return it to Ms. Fitz or go and see her if things aren’t working quite right.
    1. We worked on completing requirments for our observations. (INPUT)
    2. We thought about inferences and questions based on our observations (OUTPUT).
    3. INPUT and OUTPUT page requirements are posted below.

INPUT– Students are required to make observations of their rock. They must try to draw one view of their rock in the top part of their page, using labels to indentify characteristics. On the bottom portion of the page they need to make further observations and descriptions of the rock, in parts or as a whole.

Rock input


  • Part 1- Students write the focus question, “What do I infer?” and then come up with at least three inferences based on their observations. (Bulleted complete sentences preferred.)
  • Part 2- Students write the second question, “What questions do I have?” and write down at least three questions they may have about their rock.

Rock output

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