Ecological Relationships

Our focus this week is on symbiotic relationships with a main focus on mutualism, commensalism and everyone’s favorite, parasitism. Some examples of each are found below:

Symbiosis (Symbiotic Relationships)- Examples of all three:

Mutualism (Mutualistic Relationships):

Commensalism (Commensalistic Relationships)

Parasitism (Parasitic Relationships)

More Types of Biological Interactions

Symbiosis Movies Playlist

QUIZZES: For Your Enjoyment

  1. Types of Interaction: Symbiosis Quiz-
  2. Symbiosis and Predation Quiz
  3. ProProfs Quiz on Symbiosis
  4. Populations Quiz See if you can answer these question. Some are tough!
  5. Glencoe Interactions of Life Quiz
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