Journal Entry: Photosynthesis and the Flow of Energy


  1. Use the sites below to help you to complete your INPUT and OUTPUT pages for your photosynthesis section of your science journal.  
  2. Go through at least FOUR of the interactive or informational sites before starting your INPUT and OUTPUT pages.
  3. Use the instruction handout to correctly complete your journal entry.  (Note- this journal entry image is not EXACTLY like the one handed out to you. Please check that one for all requirements. )

Screen shot 2013-01-22 at 10.10.45 PM


Interactive Resources: Please use headphones for most of these sites.

  1. Wonderville Photosynthesis Interactive–
  2. Photosynthesis Animation from Agrium–
    1. Photosynthesis Quiz over information
  3. Photosynthesis-BrainPop, listen to the movie and then take the quiz.
  4. Informational- Photosynthesis for Kids-
  5. University of Alberta Biology– Check out this great interactive diagram showing the movement of carbon dioxide, oxygen, and water in this process. Read the instructions before viewing.
  6. Illuminating Photosynthesis- start with The Cycle and move through the three lessons–


  1. Science with Me– an easy explanation of photosynthesis-
  2. Real Trees Explains Photosynthesis
  3. BBC Photosynthesis–
  4. Look at PHOTOSYNTHESIS DIAGRAMS to help your understanding.

Quizzes and Games



Go to this link and find the movie titled, Photosynthesis and Respiration.

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