Monday, March 10th Lesson Plans

Dear Students,

I am out sick today! (Yuck!) Please do the following:


ECOSYSTEM ENERGY FLOW PRETEST– Please take this pretest on how energy flows through an ecosystem. This test DOES NOT COUNT. It is to only show me what you know or do not know before we start this section of our unit on ecosystems and biodiversity.

Do your best, take your time, and don’t worry if you don’t know an answer.  DO NOT USE ANY RESOURCES OR PEOPLE TO GET ANSWERS!


Part 2

Reading and Worksheet– due next science class

  1. Go to eBackPack to Shared Class and Group FilesScience and TechnologyBiodiversity and EcosystemEnergy Flow Reading. In this digital folder, you will find the reading needed to answer the questions on the worksheet.

  2. Put your reading in your NOTABILITY notebook.
  3. Books- I have copies of books with the information in case someone can’t get online. THESE BOOKS MUST NOT LEAVE THE CLASSROOM as they are out of print and I can’t get other copies.

  4. Get the worksheet from my substitute.

  5. Worksheets are due next science class.

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