Quiz Practice

There will be a quiz next week over basic content covered so far this year. This is what you need to know:

  • BIOLOGICAL ORGANIZATION– understand the order and be able to know which thing is bigger or smaller. For example, know that it takes atoms to make molecules and organisms make up populations.  Be able to list given items in order from smallest to largest.
  • ATOMS– definition, what they combine to make, what a model of one looks like, and basic parts (electron, neutron, proton, nucleus).
  • CELLS– definition, basic structure, difference between plant an animal cells, and be able to identify and know what simple organelles (found on your cell diagrams) are and do.
  • MODELS– definitions of the four types discussed. Be able to identify types of models based on simple description or images.
  • INFERENCE/OBSERVATION– definitions. Be able to tell the difference between the two and give examples of each one.


  1. PRACTICE QUIZ– https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1WQIH4E8coQ96v3NchC_zBWV-_cJbZRlZKQfXAoY1lcE/viewform
  2. Quizlets:
    1. Biological Organization– http://quizlet.com/29525620/biological-organization-flash-cards/
    2. Atoms– http://quizlet.com/29537728/atoms-flash-cards/
    3. Cells– http://quizlet.com/29538149/cells-flash-cards/
    4. Observation and Inference- http://quizlet.com/29533501/observation-or-inference-flash-cards/
    5. Types of Models– http://quizlet.com/29534500/types-of-models-flash-cards/
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