Levels of Biological/Ecological Organization

Students will be comparing the simplest form of matter to the most complex in relation to life and ecology as we look at the levels of biological/ecological organization. The main concepts to learn are:

  1. Each level is built upon the other.
  2. At a certain point, we begin to see characteristics of living things.
  3. The order of organization from smallest (or most simple) to largest and most complex.
  • In groups, we will compare handouts of different ways this is presented and look for 5 common characteristics in those presentations.
  • There will be a quick overview of each level done visually and orally.
  • Students will be given “cut outs” of  levels to organize from simplest to most complex.
  • Handouts of organization charts will be given to students for their reference.
  • Students will do a worksheet to reinforce concepts reviewed.





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