Homework/Class Work Expectations

The following information is an overview of my expectations for GRADE 6 SCIENCE and SOCIAL STUDIES. It is mostly focused on student work, as this tends to be the biggest hurdle for incoming 6th graders. Now is the time for students to learn to balance assignments with extra curricular, social, and personal activities to become the best learners they can be. I know this is a little lengthy, but I want to be as clear as possible so that we are all “on the same page” as students start out their 6th grade year.


What is homework?

  • Short assignments used to prepare for class or to reinforce concepts covered during a class period.

How do I know what my assignments are?  There are a few places to look:

  • Your agenda- all students are expected to write all assignments in their FMS agenda.
  • On my classroom HOMEWORK board.
  • The 6th Grade Homework Calendar found at http://fms.rsu5.org/node/661.
  • My website at https://fitz6.wordpress.com/
  • Your email (I often email assignments and reminders).
  • And coming soon, my class on iTunes U.

NOTE: Constraints on my time and schedule may sometimes make it difficult to post and email in every place. ULTIMATELY, it is the student’s responsibility to know what their assignment is and when it is due.

When are homework assignments due?

  • Homework/class work are due at the beginning of the following class period.
  • Each class builds off the previous so if homework is not done, students will quickly fall behind.
  • Homework is not typically given on a daily basis. Students using their time wisely usually finish their work before the end of class.

NOTE: Late grades are not given for short-term assignments because the answers are given during the class period the assignment is due. I do drop the lowest homework assignment grade in the trimester, so basically you can miss one assignment and not be penalized.

What about reports, labs, and projects that take longer than a day to do?

  • Due dates are posted in the same areas as short-term assignments.
  • We often use class time for this type of assignment but some of the work will be required outside of class.
  • Product descriptors, rubrics, exemplars and other detailed descriptions of required criteria are also posted.

What if I am sick, have a dentist or doctor’s appointment, or had to be excused by my parent?

  • Please see me the day you return to school, whether you have science class that day or not.
  • Class time will not be given to make up work and missed labs often need to be made up after school.
  • Help with content missed will be given during BCS and/or after school.

What if I had a game, recital, or other event and didn’t do my homework?

Extracurricular activities are great, but not to the expense of your education. I’m sorry, but games, practices, concerts, recitals, and other extra-curricular activities are not an excuse for unfinished work. Schoolwork needs to come first and students need to learn to use their time wisely to complete assignments and to not overextend themselves with too many activities.  Be involved, have fun, but be realistic.

But, I forgot my homework at school…..

  • You have two days to complete an assignment AND the school is open until almost 10 p.m. Not an excuse.

What if I didn’t understand the assignment?

  • You have science every other day so if do your assignment the day it was assigned you can see me the next day for help.
  • If you are really stuck, have your parents/guardian email me or write me a note so that I know you asked them and no one could figure it out.

Emergencies and Other Stuff….

  • YES, there are times when emergencies arise, relatives appear (unexpected visit from Aunt Rita from Alaska), a new sibling is born, or something crazy comes up. Please have your parents/guardian write a note or send an email explaining the situation as to why an assignment couldn’t be completed.  I do understand these things, but I need a note.

CLASS PARTICIPATION– Participating in class work, discussions, and activities are key to your success.  Being an active part of your learning is expected.  You will often be graded by your teacher and/or your peers using a CLASS PARTICIPATION RUBRIC that will be developed in the first week of school.


This is incredibly important and graded. As student scientists, you must be able to share observations, notes, data collected, and many other forms of information. Your work is produced not only for yourselves, but also for others and must be done neatly and follow correct writing conventions.

Basic requirements:

Students will write legibly and erase mistakes with an eraser. 

  • Please do not scribble over, write over, or cross out, incorrect answers.


  • Students will make every attempt to spell correctly.
  • COPIED material such as vocabulary words and definitions must always be spelled correctly.

Basic Writing Conventions

  • Students will use capital letters at the beginning of sentences and short phrases with periods at the end.
  • Proper nouns (including your own name) will be written with capital letters.
  • Correct “set-up” of papers, assignments, journals.

Digital Assignments

  • Specific criteria depends on the assignment but typical expectations include:
  • Font : size- 12; common styles such as Helvetica and Times New Roman; color- black.
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