College Work and Readiness Standards

College Work and Readiness Standards

Revises Work for Accuracy/Quality

  • Self-assesses academic performance against identified teacher/school learning targets.
  • Identifies learning strengths and needs based on current performance.

Complete Tasks; Meets Deadlines

  • Organizes time and materials to meet deadlines and complete tasks to expected levels.
  • Routinely applies criteria for quality work, uses time management strategies and tools to meet deadlines, and seeks support when necessary to complete work on time to expected levels.
  • Seeks support when necessary to complete work on time to the expected levels.

Interpersonal Skills in Small Groups

  • Assumes shared responsibility for accomplishing small group goals.
  • Listens and contributes appropriately in a group situation.
  • Performs a role that furthers the group’s work.
  • Helps solve group problems and reconcile differences.
  • Builds on the ideas, abilities and perspectives of others.

Interpersonal Skills in the Classroom

  • Participates appropriately in classroom activities.
  • Identifies and demonstrates key communication skills.
  • Willingly answers the teacher’s questions.
  • Consistently offers ideas and questions that help clarify discussions.
  • Contributes accurate, relevant information to whole class conversations.
  • Stays focused during whole class activities.
  • Follows classroom and school rules and procedures.

Take Responsibility

  • Understands the importance of taking responsibility for actions and behaviors.
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