The Big Idea- What is Your Answer?

Now that we have finished our unit on the flow of energy in ecosystems, it is time to answer our big idea question:


On pages 2 and 3 of our journals we have summarized the major parts of our learning with statements that may help us to answer this question. We’ve talked about

  • Types of consumers/organisms.
  • Food Web Role: Which organisms play a key role in food chains or food webs?
  • Photosynthesis Energy Flow: What impact does photosynthesis have on the flow of energy in an ecosystem?
  • Decomposers: What role do decomposers play in the flow of energy in an ecosystem?
  • Predators: What is the role of predators in the flow of energy in an ecosystem?


  1. You will use the information from your journal to answer THE BIG IDEA question.
  2. You will support your answer with as many details and examples that you can from your journal, science notebook, or other resources (please cite).
  3. Create a concept web will be created using one of two tools:
    1. Bubbl Us on the computer. (Actually…this will be the best choice.)
    2. Idea Sketch on the iPad.
  4. You may work with a partner who shares your belief in which type of organism is the most important for energy to flow through an ecosystem or you may work alone.
  5. REMEMBER: There is no right answer, only right ways to support your answer with examples and evidence.



  1. The center bubble/text box must start out _________________ are the type of organisms that are the most important for energy to flow through an ecosystem.
  2. There must be three facts that support this theory.
  3. Each of these facts must be supported by two pieces of evidence or supporting information.
  4. Color needs to be used to indicate the different levels or to prove a point. There needs to be a system or pattern.
  5. Writing conventions must be correct.
  6. Ideas and facts must be expressed clearly. Connecting details and facts must clearly support your statements.


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