The Importance of Predators and Quiz


JOURNAL ENTRY– Today we read (or reread) the article, Top Predators: Key to Ecosystem Survival, Study Shows, and answered this question on page 2 or 3:

  • HEADING: Predators
  • QUESTION: What is the role of predators in the flow of energy in an ecosystem?

QUIZ REVIEW– A quiz review


was assigned and is due the next science class. A-Day reviews are due on Thursday, 3/7 and B-Day on Friday, 3/8.

  • Your quiz will be next week: Monday- A Day Science. Tuesday- B-Day Science.
  • Use your handouts and worksheets in your three ring binder and your journal to answer questions.
  • YOU WILL NOT be able to use your notebook or journal during the quiz.
  • Quizlet Link for practice: Remember to set the quiz to multiple choice or matching or both. It is called Final Energy Flow Quiz.
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