Decomposers are Important Too!

decomposersJournal Entry- page 13, Date 2-27-13, INPUT page

Topic: Decomposers- Role in Ecosystem Energy Flow

Lesson: In this lesson we are looking at the role of decomposers in the flow of energy in an ecosystem.

  • We can ask the question, “What role do decomposers play in the flow of energy in an ecosystem?”
  • Answer Our Question HERE
  • Students are viewing three short films. We are stopping the films at various points and students are writing down facts, new information, names of organisms, and more that help them to answer the previous question. Facts are shared and students are allowed to write down more information that helps them to understand this organism’s role.
  • Distinction is made between decomposers, detritivores, and scavengers.
  • Videos watched are:


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