Wed., December 5th- Pitfall Trap Reports

pitfallToday is a day to try and get your Pitfall Trap Reports done as much as possible.

  1. GUIDE SHEETS– You were given guide sheets for each slide up to the FINDINGS section. You will now receive a second guide sheet for FINDINGS and DISCUSSION. Follow these!
  2. ADDED SLIDES– I added slides to each of your presentations to help with the findings and discussion.
  3. ANSWERING QUESTIONS– I wrote questions on each slide to help guide your answers and help you to think about what you did.  Your writing should be done so it doesn’t seem like you are answering a question, though. For instance, don’t start sentences with “Yes” or “No”. Just your reasons why.
  4. DATA, DATA, DATA and OBSERVATIONS– All information in the slides, especially the discussion part, should come from your data and observations and the class and 6th grade data. It is the data that gives the story and you need to tell the story using that information.
  5. PICTURES– Try to use a few pictures from your iPad. Get the pictures from either the Photobucket Site (links are below in another post) or by emailing them to yourself from the iPad your group used. It is easier to do this if you assign one person in the group to be the PICTURE PERSON.



  1. Students have been working on writing up an invasive worm investigation. They are finishing their Google presentations (Lab Reports).
  2. I gave them a guide sheet for the requirements for the first portion of the presentation. They now need the second section (on the desk).
  3. They are working in groups and each student has different responsibilities.
  4. Key concepts:
    1. We only found two earthworms in the entire school grounds. This means that we probably DON’T have invasive earthworms because invasive species live in the leaf litter and our traps didn’t catch many worms.
    2. Students must use DATA to support any conclusions they have in the discussions.
    3. Students must make sure they have the correct 6th grade data (found on whiteboard in front of room).

5. Tell kids that

a. I am adding additional slides needed to each slide show.

b. I will be online, on and off, during classes (depending how I feel) to check on their progress.

c. If they have trouble getting online, they might want to work two kids to a computer. They may also use iPads.

Class Start (5-10 min)

  1. Take attendance.

Google Presentation (full class)

  2. Tell kids to get pictures from the link on my blog or to email pictures from the iPads their group used.

GROUPS FINISHING? It is doubtful that anyone will finish. However, if they do, students should work on INVASIVE SPECIES PROJECTS.

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