Quiz and Vocabulary Pages

A Day– due date and quiz, Wednesday, November 28th.

B Day– due date and quiz, Thursday, November 29th.


  • Vocabulary section
    • Words to know: ecology, organism, biotic, abiotic, biodiversity, ecosystem, native species, non-native species, invasive species, niche, community, population, habitat.
    • Practice on the Quizlet site: http://www.quizlet.com/class/309961/  , make flash cards, have someone quiz you!
    • Only four new words since the last quiz.
  • Two essay questions- Be able to give three examples for each. We will have gone over these two questions and you should have notes in your binder before the quiz. And, no, you will not be able to use your notes.
    • What do you think would happen if all the plants died in an ecosystem?
    • What might happen if you added a new organism to an ecosystem? How might that impact other organism?

Vocabulary Pages– I will check the four new vocabulary pages for niche, habitat, population, and community while you are taking the quiz. Be sure all are ready. If done on the computer, print them before class.

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