Maine Earthquake- Whoo Hoo!

What is a fault? How often do earthquakes occur in Maine? What is the worst quake we ever had?

USGS Resources

  1. Seismic Hazard Map-
  2. USGS Summary of Maine Quakes-

News Articles

  1. Earthquake in Maine Rattles New England States-

    How far away does the tremor travel?
    Los Angeles Times-,0,4966683.story

    Maine Earthquake Rocks New Hampshire-


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23 Responses to Maine Earthquake- Whoo Hoo!

  1. Ms. Fitz says:

    I thought that the train was going by our house. The rumbling was very loud!

  2. Sophie H. says:

    I thought it was a helicopter flying really flying really close to my house.

  3. Maya D. says:

    I thought it was just the wind! It only lasted a few seconds, I felt the house move slightly.

  4. Maggie R. says:

    I was at Mast Landing school and in the gym and the gym is sort of under ground. Me and my mom thought it was the janitors then we got home and we found out it was an earthquake!

  5. Jack Mullen says:

    I was in the shower and my brother was downstairs and he was like, “Mom, is there a plane flying over, because the whole house shook.

  6. Benjamin M. says:

    When the quake happened, it was like there was a plane landing out side of my house. My sister was in her room, and she thought the me and my brother were wrestling!

  7. Josiah K. says:

    When the earthquake happened happen my remote bounced off my desk and on to the floor and still was bouncing!

  8. Kerry.L says:

    I was eating dinner- baked patatos, corn and steak my Dad thought it was the furnace.

  9. Abbi says:

    It was just Dad, the dog, and I. My Dad thought it was a truck driving by when my dog started barking.

  10. lucas simmons says:

    I didn’t feel anything because I was in a car!!

  11. Erin drew says:

    I was watching T.V. and i was laying down and when the earthquake happened I fell down on my face. It HURT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Landon Thibodeau says:

    My mom thought it was the washing machine, I thought it was a low flying plane.

  13. ReillyL says:

    I was eating dinner(ribb potatoes and some healthy thing)and my grill shook outside and we thought it was a helicopter and and my little brother thought it was the furnace blowing up and a couple seconds after there were a whole bunch of texts and messages on my mom and dads phone.

  14. grace w says:

    I thought my washing machine was broken.

  15. peter s says:

    I was in the shower. when my sister said there was an earthquake, I thought it was a prank!

  16. tommyc says:

    I was at my house and my mom yelled at us because she thought we were stopping on the floor but she saw we weren’t so I said it was the washing machine but is was not on.

  17. Lazare m. says:

    I was in the basement, and I thought the washing machine was going to explode!

  18. Anna S. says:

    I was laying on my bed, reading and I thought someone had started shaking my bed!

  19. Erin drew says:

    My dog went CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Owen P. says:

    When the earthquake happened I was watching a soccer game on TV. I thought a truck was driving by!

  21. amelia says:

    I was at the diner table and the table shook and my (5 year old)sister started crying and the cat jumped out of my lap. And my mom tryed to calm my sister down she was scared and freaking out.

  22. Jasmen L. says:

    I was outside and my dad was running a chain saw also my sister was screaming cause it was to loud for her so I did not feel a thing.

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