Characteristics of Living Things

What makes something alive? As we are learn about the characteristics of  living things, students can use the resources below to help with their understanding.


  • Have cells
  • Sense and respond to change
  • Reproduce
  • Have DNA/heredity
  • Use energy
  • Grow and develop
  • Give off waste

Informational Pages

  1. Life Processes
  2. Key Resource Page- FUNCTIONING OF ORGANISMS (Characteristics of Living Organisms) at
  3. Non Living and Living Things

YouTube Videos- Use headphones, please.

  1. Cookie Monster- Alive or Not?
  2. Characteristics of Living Things Review– about 3 minutes. Good and Fast.
  3. Visual and Oral Review by– about 8 minutes- very detailed and great to watch if you missed class.

Game/Reinforcement Pages

  1. Living and Non Living Things Quiz
  2. Characteristics of Life Quiz
  3.  Traits of Life, a fun site to explore

OTHERS– some of these may be pretty hard but you can still learn new things if you give them a try.

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