Class Summary- March 27th, March 28th

Wednesday, March 28th


1. We worked on the assignment: Minerals in Our Home, which is due on Friday, March 30th.  To do this assignment you needed the orange sheet from Ms. Fitz and two websites on the blog:

2. I handed out a vocabulary list for the mineral unit. Here is a link to a copy of the definitions:  Be sure to get a copy for your science notebook.

HOMEWORK: Minerals Used in Your Home- Due Friday

Tuesday, March 27th


  1. Finished making observations of physical properties of rocks and minerals.
  2. Added and reviewed information in Venn diagrams.
  3. Handed out vocabulary sheets and we defined minerals, rocks, and inorganic.
    1. Mineral- A solid, inorganic substance. Has the same chemical make-up throughout. (Made of only one type of element or compound.) *A pure substance.
    2. Rock- A solid mixture of minerals and other materials.
    3. Inorganic- Not alive or made of living (or once living) things.
  4. Began activity on Minerals in the Home in Core 1.


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