Measuring Matter


  1. BrainPop- Measuring Matter with Tim and Mobie
  2. Prentice Hall Overview
  3. Mass, Volume, and Density Interactive,%20Volume,%20and%20Density.swf


Matter-anything that has mass and takes up space.

  • Everything we know of is composed of matter: our bodies, our surroundings, our planet, the water, the air, the moon, other planets…it goes on and on and on.
  • The properties of light make it questionable as to whether it is matter or not (investigate if you want to know more).
  • “Outer space” and “ideas” do not fit the definition of matter as they do not demonstrate inertia (Objects at rest/in motion stay at rest/in motion unless acted upon by an outside force.)

Mass– the amount of matter in an object.

Weight– the measure of the pull of gravity.

  • This will change depending on the force of gravity. For example, if you go to a different planet your mass will stay the same but your weight will be different.
  • So, weight matters on the amount of mass (which never changes) and the pulling force of gravity (which may change from place to place).
  • Measured with a spring scale or a balance. Units are in newtons (N)
  • Weights in other places:
    1. Your Weights on Other Worlds-
    2. Weights on Other Objects-

Volume- the amount of space an object takes up.

Density- measures how tightly the matter in an object is packed.

Measurement Practice

  1. Learning to Measure with the BBC- quick videos and follow-up games-
  2. Simple Measuring Practice-
  3. Measuring Matter Quiz Cards-
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